Changes for the next while…..

Sorry for posting on a Friday evening but I hope you can appreciate that it has been quite busy this past week and I was keen to confirm what is going to happen regarding school and your child’s education from Monday. I am so sorry that I won’t be with your children for the foreseable future. I will miss spending time with them and being a small part of their lives! I appreciate that a few children are confused about what will be happening over the next few weeks but I hope that our transition to online learning will be as smooth as possible.

During next week I will be posting 3 tasks each morning (hopefully between 10-10.30). There will be a literacy, a numeracy and an wellbeing task. The tasks will be simple and hopefully fun – we are just finding our feet and next week will give us the chance to make sure everyone is managing to follow our class on Seesaw. After you have read my message I would appreciate it if your child could write a comment confirming they have seen the message. This will be our online register so it is important that I know your child is ‘present’. A photo would also be great to show your child engaging with any of the tasks I have set – any chance for us to share in our learning is great and much needed during this time of change and distance .

I hope everyone remains safe and well over the coming weeks and that our journey to online learning at South Lodge is one that is fun and exciting!

Many thanks, Mrs Elbourne

Week beginning 2nd March

Hello, just a note to confirm that swimming is on as usual tomorrow. Please make sure your child has their kit with them.

A few children are still forgetting their PE kits. If they could have one that stays in school that would be great as this would mean there is no chance of forgetting. If this is not possible please remember our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.

A few children also have poor fitting indoor shoes. This makes it hard for them to take part in PE safely. If you could check with your child about this I would be grateful.

This week the children have been working really hard in groups to plan their Blythswood Challenge. There will be a letter coming out soon to explain their fundraising ideas but needless to say we will be very grateful for any support you might be able to offer.

Many thanks, Mrs Elbourne

Week beginning 24th February

Again it has been a busy few days since our return after the February break. There has been the start of numeracy assessments in class based on the work we have been doing on estimating, sorting and counting of objects efficiently and accurately.

For spelling we are continuing to look at the long /e/ sound. So far we have looked at /ea/ spelling for this sound. This week we will be looking at /ee/ and our base words are: see, feel and week.

This week P5 have started to work on a new project along with P6. We are taking part in the Blythswood Enterprise Challenge in which Blythswood gives our team a £25 starter fund and we have 4 weeks to make it grow!

At the moment we are working on coming up with viable fundraising ideas. All the money we make will go towards supporting the Blythswood project for children in Serbia in which an after school club is being set up to help those who find it difficult or impossible to access a proper educational support due to their personal circumstances. This project gives our pupils a really good opportunity to develop key skills:

Confident Individuals – Through the activities the students will be involved with,
they will work with, and relate to, others which will in turn encourage them to
be more self aware. Through their activities, they will need to make decisions
which will impact on them and their team.
Successful Learners – The students will use literacy, communication and
numeracy skills in their planning, project, and reporting with the activities. They
will be expected to come up with a project, or projects, using creativity and then
be able to report back using reasoned evaluations.
Effective Contributors – The pupils will be very much part of a team and be able
to work with others. There should be opportunity for pupils to initiate and lead
the project. As with any project, they will come across problems, therefore
problem solving is something they will have to expect.
Responsible Citizens – The project should be chosen by the pupils, with support
from the teaching staff and have an educational benefit to it, such as
understanding different beliefs and cultures. Through researching, planning and
developing the activities, pupils will develop views on various subjects.

It’s a really exciting project and hopefully we will be successful in raising lots of money for such a worthwhile project.

Many thanks, Mrs Elbourne

Week beginning 10th February

Hello, this is our last week before the February break and its a busy one in P5. This week in numeracy we are looking at estimating, counting and recording. The children have already been busy with this using different bags of objects such as pasta, hamma beads and buttons! We are hoping that over the course of the week P5 become experts at making reasonable estimates of numbers of items and work out the best way to count large numbers.

This week for Wraparound Spelling we are working on the lone /e/ sound. Our base words are eat, bean and sea.

We were lucky enough to have one of our Highland Numeracy Officers, Mrs Brewer, with us today. P5 had a great time looking at multiplication and division.

Swimming tomorrow as usual so please remember to pack your child’s kit.

Many thanks, Mrs Elbourne

Letter home

South Lodge has decided to start using Seesaw in class. Letters were sent home at the beginning of this week giving you some information as to what Seesaw is and how it will be used in class. In order for us to use this app to share your child’s learning we require the consent slip at the bottom of the letter to be completed and sent back to us. If you did not receive a letter please let me know and I will make sure one is sent home with your child. This is what the letter should look like.

Life in busy P5

The whole school were so lucky last week to have a visit from the Scottish author Barbara Henderson. She spoke with the whole school about how a book gets published and then went on to explain why she was fascinated by stories on the theme of smuggling. The whole school got involved and everybody loved listening to her.

All the children tried so hard last week when learning their Scottish poem by Robert Burns. A big well done to everyone. Along with the poems, all the children worked really hard to create a painting very similar to ‘Island Croft’ by Ron Lawson. Their artwork turned out beautifully, with all children focusing on getting the proportions of the croft just right.

This week for spelling we are looking at the long /a/ sound again but this time using the ‘ai’ , ‘ay’ and ‘eigh’ spellings. Our base words are pain, chain, train, pay, stay, play, eight and neigh.

In numeracy have continued working on our number bonds to 10, 20 (and even 30!). These are key basic facts that all children need to know.

In literacy we are looking at potentially entering a few class stories to the 500 words BBC competition. Discussing what stories/authors inspire us. P5 came up with a huge range of ideas including historical novels, space themed stories, mystery novels and mythical stories, to name a few. Please feel free to look up the 500 words website, on it there are lots of resources and examples of stories that have been entered previously. At the moment P5 are just starting to think of the characters, settings and plot for their stories. Going on the ideas I have heard in class there are going to be some fantastic stories!

Many thanks, Mrs Elbourne

This week

Just a wee reminder that the children are performing their poem on Thursday. The poem they are learning is ‘I’ll meet thee on the Lea Rig’ by Robert Burns. Here are the words in case their sheets have gone missing.

When o’er the hill the eastern star
Tells bughtin time is near, my jo,
And owsenfrae the furrow’d field
Return sae dowf and weary O;
Down by the burn, where birken buds
Wi’ dew are hangin clear, my jo,
I’ll meet thee on the lea-rig,
My ain kind Dearie O.

At midnight hour, in mirkest glen,
I’d rove, and ne’er be eerie, O,
If thro’ that glen I gaed to thee,
My ain kind Dearie O;
Altho’ the night were ne’er sae wild,
And I were ne’er sae weary O,
I’ll meet thee on the lea-rig,
My ain kind Dearie O.

The hunter lo’es the morning sun;
To rouse the mountain deer, my jo;
At noon the fisher seeks the glen
Adown the burn to steer, my jo:
Gie me the hour o’ gloamin’ grey,
It maks my heart sae cheery O,
To meet thee on the lea-rig,
My ain kind Dearie O.

We are also doing some Scottish artwork this week and in P5 we are going to be trying to copy the work of Ron Lawson. His work is simple yet beautiful – usually a white bothy with a slate grey background.

Please remember the orange lunch choice is haggis on Thursday along with either salmon or a sandwich.

P5 have swimming tomorrow so please remember swimming kits.

Many thanks, Mrs Elbourne

Happy New Year!

Hello and may I firstly wish you a very Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. We are already working hard in P5. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Brewer – one of our fabulous highland Numeracy Development Officers with us last Wednesday afternoon, she really brought our numeracy lesson to life and all of P5 came away feeling motivated.

Our topic for the next few weeks was requested by P5 and it is the Titanic. Please encourage your child to do some reading around the subject at home.

For our Wraparound spelling this week we are working on the long /a/ sound. Our base words are late, ate, bake, fade, rate, name, shape and make. If you have any spare time please work with your child on the spelling of these base words and also how they can grow them for example late – latest – later – translating.

On Friday your child came home with a Scots poem to learn for next week. This year we are doing the Lea Rig by Robert Burns. Please encourage your child to work on this at home and we will also be practicing it in class. Each member of P5 will be reciting this poem by themselves and will be assessed on it in class.

Finally we have a great representative from Ross County Football Club working with South Lodge at the moment. P5 will be working with him for the next few weeks on a Monday afternoon. This is a good time to remind you that all pupils should have their PE kits in their bag or trays and that all pupils should also have indoor shoes.

Many thanks

Mrs Elbourne

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