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Changes for the next while…..

Sorry for posting on a Friday evening but I hope you can appreciate that it has been quite busy this past week and I was keen to confirm what is going to happen regarding school and your child’s education from Monday. I am so sorry that I won’t be with your children for the foreseable future. I will miss spending time with them and being a small part of their lives! I appreciate that a few children are confused about what will be happening over the next few weeks but I hope that our transition to online learning will be as smooth as possible.

During next week I will be posting 3 tasks each morning (hopefully between 10-10.30). There will be a literacy, a numeracy and an wellbeing task. The tasks will be simple and hopefully fun – we are just finding our feet and next week will give us the chance to make sure everyone is managing to follow our class on Seesaw. After you have read my message I would appreciate it if your child could write a comment confirming they have seen the message. This will be our online register so it is important that I know your child is ‘present’. A photo would also be great to show your child engaging with any of the tasks I have set – any chance for us to share in our learning is great and much needed during this time of change and distance .

I hope everyone remains safe and well over the coming weeks and that our journey to online learning at South Lodge is one that is fun and exciting!

Many thanks, Mrs Elbourne


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